Our plans to get fit and healthy

Every person has a different idea of a good body, a healthy lifestyle and how they are going to achieve that.
Priotonic® helps you to reach these goals by offering various options of our revolutionary training:

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  • personal - exclusive just for YOU

    •  •  exclusive personal training
    •  •  get in shape and do yourself something good
    •  •  improve your coordination, flexibility and strength  •  workout following an exact training schedule

    duo - workout for two

    •  • personal training for two people or couples
    •  • cooperative motivation makes the workout easier
    •  • get fit together and improve your friendship or relationship at the same time

    group - workout for 3 - 6 persons

    •  • workout for 3 - 6 persons
    •  • enjoy the motivating atmosphere of a group
    •  • spend time with your friends and still geht your individual supervision

    Open Class 

    •  • everybody can take part
    •  • get to know Priotonic®
    •  •  enjoy the dynamics and energy of a group

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