Idea, motivation and philosophy

Priotonic® is a revolutionary system that helps you achieve excellent physical and psychological shape. It is the first real fusion between workout and dance.


Learn to love your body

All our life we have a special relationship with our body, sometimes loving it, but sometimes even hating it. Based on that there can only be one premise: Look after your body and get in shape! Physical fitness doesn't only boost your self-satisfaction, it also helps you facing everyday life with a fresh and positive attitude.

Enjoy the dance

Dancing helps you reducing stress and is a great way of keeping both your brain and your body active and well-trained by stimulating your coordinative abilities and perceptual areas. The direct contact with your partner and the way you learn to experience the space around you sets free a chain of emotions you will enjoy a lot.

Turn on the music

When we listen to music our body sets free endorphins, the so called "hormones of joy". This can generate a state of psychological well-being that makes us feel relaxed. Aside from that music also reduces tension in our muscles which improves our movements and coordination, so both our body and our soul can benefit.


Why we came up with Priotonic®

Nearly everybody who has been to a gym before knows the feeling: You put a lot of effort into your training but you just don't see any results. Your satisfaction is on a low point and it is really hard to motivate yourself to continue with your training.
From experiences like that comes the idea of creating a kind of workout that combines a well-structured training programme with something as joyful as dance. The positive energy of dance, the happiness and the self-confidence dance can create — all that together is supposed to create a completely new training experience that will make you love your workout.


It was always beautiful for me to see, how music and dance can change people's mood within seconds.

Michele Prioletti, Founder of Priotonic®