This is how Priotonic® works

mutual evaluation

In our first lesson we do a comprehensive evaluation of you physical status. It is important for your individual trainig programme to know details about what kinds of sports or exercises you did before, what and how you eat, if the are any health issues we have to pay attention to.

your well defined goalsDetails

everybody has a different reason why the do exercise. What is YOURS?

loose weight

get fit

stay fit

specific training goals t

alternation of functional training and dance sessions

dancing is fun It makes people happy and is a very healthy form of movement. Regular dance sessions will bring variety to our training sessions in combination with functional training units as this kind of training is he most natural way of exercising, by using mainly body weigt.

progression of your self motivation:

motivation is essential for a good work out and good results. We are always on your side, keeping your motivation high and increasing it even more with every workout

constant and professional monitoring

we keep our eyes on you. your personal trainer will monitor your developments during your training and by doing so we will develop your workout to fit your need exactly. In this way we both make your workout rich in variety and make shure it's the right thing exactly for YOU

full power to your success

at the core of our workout there are two simple words: work hard. Getting in shape is always challenging - that's why we help you with our knowlede and passion.