Priotonic® Academy

Live a Priotonic® Life!

Make an important decision for your future and become a certified Priotonic Instructor!

Develop your talents and utilise your full potential, creativity, professionalism, motivation and much more!


you have a graduate degree?

you enjoy working with people and take much pleasure in interaction?

you can enthuse and motivate people?

you're always open for new things and you can adjust easily to new situations?

you're experienced in dancing?

you're experienced in fitness training?


we elaborate an individual training concept with you

we train with you in taylormade dance and workout units

we accompany and coach you in your experience

we support you through regular media relations ( videos and more )

we offer a solid education with established knowledge within a network of instructors europe – wide


Costs € 449.-

The education will be done in a place chosen by the Priotonic academy

Courses are available at your home city on request.

For any further information please contact us at

Earn money by organizing a Priotonic® Academy event.
If you are interested in organizing an event, where we train people to be Priotonic® instructors, feel free to contact us!

Priotonic® Academy
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