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Why Priotonic®?

The Priotonic® workout combines physical exercise with dancing and music. This basic idea makes the whole training both effective and entertaining, gives you motivation and helps you stay on your path to getting in good shape and reaching a feeling of general physical well-being.

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What we do

Priotonic® is a workout programme for everybody. By evaluating your personal physical status your personal trainer creates a custom workout routine exclusively for you. We define clear goals of what you want to get out of your training, constantly keep an eye on your progress and are there for you along the way.

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23.11.17 The 4th Priotonic Instructors Meeting 4th PRIOTONIC INSTRUCTORS MEETING

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Not everybody has the same idea of workout and training. To cover all kinds of possible ideas, we offer various ways of Priotonic® training: No matter if you want it to be one-on-one, or you are a couple looking for a workout together, or even if you are a group of 3-4 people – we have the right workout plan waiting for you.

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